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Note that when working with aggregate functions, parentheses can not be used. Tweak – Removed ACF Blocks keyword limit for later versions of Gutenberg. Calculated fields adds a new setting “Formula” to the the ACF field editor. This action is similar to the WordPress init action, and should be used to extend or register items such as Blocks, Forms and Options Pages.. Changelog. Overal weergeven. A sub field inside a repeater field can also refer to a parent field using the “parent.”” prefix. Fix – Fixed bug in Post Taxonomy location rule causing incomplete list of rule choices.

Formulas can also contains functions like sin, cos, arcsin, log, ln, sqrt, abs. Fix – Reverted Local JSON “save to source path” enhancement due to DX feedback. Fix – Fixed bug breaking seamless postbox style in WordPress 5.5. New – Optimized Relationship field by delaying AJAX call until UI is visible. Fix – Improved string escaping in Select2 drop-downs to address XSS concerns. i18n – Updated Portuguese translation thanks to Pedro Mendonça. The only reason I was able to embrace block based themes is due to the work ACF has done. Dev – Bumped minimum supported WP version to 4.7.0. i18n – Updated Portuguese language thanks to Pedro Mendonça. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect field order after sync. Equals (==) – Returns 1 when two values are equal, 0 otherwise, Not equals (!=) – Returns 1 when two values are not equal, 0 otherwise, Greater than (>) – Returns 1 when the first operand is greater than the second, 0 otherwise, Greater than or equal (>=) – Returns 1 when the first operand is greater than or equal to the second, 0 otherwise, Less than (<) – Returns 1 when the first operand is less than the second, 0 otherwise, Less than or equal (<=) – Returns 1 when the first operand is less than or equal to the second, 0 otherwise, round() – Uses standard mathematical rounding rules to round to nearest integer, ceil() – Rounds the value to the next higher integer, floor() – Rounds the value to the next lower integer, round(10.888888 * 10) / 10 (returns 10.9), Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’, Click ‘Install’ and wait until the button caption changes to ‘Activate’, Upload the calculated-fields-for-acf folder from the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server, Navigate to the Plugins page in WordPress admin and locate the plugin, Fixes problem with calculations of fields inside a group, Fixes problem with calculations not working in front end forms created with acf_form(), Fixes issue with operator == always returning false, Adds support for conditional operators >=, <=, Adds support for conditional operators ==, !=, > and <, Adds support for rounding functions floor, ceil and round, Fixes issue with ajax recalculation not triggered by removing a row from a repeater field, Fixes issue with ajax recalculation not triggered by changing a dropdown/select field, Fixes multiple issues related to ACF Blocks. acf(); The main function responsible for returning the one true acf Instance to functions everywhere. Fix – Fixed bug showing incorrect choices for post_template location rule. Fix – Fixed bug causing some “reordered” metaboxes to not appear in the Gutenberg editor. Dev – Added JS filter ‘google_map_autocomplete_args’ to customize Google Maps autocomplete settings. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect results in. Dev – Toegevoegd filter ‘ACF / allow_unfiltered_html’ om aan te passen als de huidige gebruiker ongefilterde HTML kan opslaan.

Dev – Added “google_map_result” JS filter. Fix – Added dynamic metabox check compatibility with Gutenberg. The function: acf_add_filter_variations() was causing problems. Description.

Tweak – Improved logic that determines width of Range field input. Your fields have appeared and are ready for content. Fix – Fixed bug allowing Taxonomy field to save terms to a non “post” object. Dev – Added RegExp compatibility for innerBlocks. Download for free Get PRO.

Proudly powering 1+ million websites and achieving a 5 star rating! Tweak – Changed default “Preview Size” to medium for the Image field. 1.

Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect value retrieval after. Tweak – Added place name data to Google Maps field value.

Fix – Added custom metabox location (acf_after_title) compatibility with Gutenberg.

New – Added more data to Google Maps field value including place_id, street_name, country and more. Dev – Added action “acf/admin_print_uploader_scripts” fired when printing uploader (WP media) scripts in the footer. All fields can be set as read only in the ACF field editor (not just calculated fields). i18n – Update Turkish translation thanks to Emre Erkan. acf. Again, wow. Tweak – Improved CSS styling of menu item fields. Learn about fields, functions, actions, filters & more. Fix – Fixed bug reverting the first field type to Text in Firefox version 69.0.1. This is an A+ plugin, it really should just be integrated into WordPress core. Oh wow, did not realise when I first saw this feature in @wp_acf how massively powerful this is going to be, InnerBlocks with ACF. Calculated fields requires Advanced Custom Fields 5.0 or later and works with Pro as well as the standard version. A formula field can only refer to fields ordered BEFORE itself.

Fix – Fixed bug preventing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin from adding.

Dev – Bumped minimum supported PHP version to 5.4.0.

Enhancement – Local JSON files now save back to their loaded source path (not “save_json” setting). Fix – Added “dateTime” attribute to JSX parser ruleset.

Presto! Fix – Fixed bug in Color Picker field causing JS error on front-end forms. Tweak – Improved performance of PHP registered fields. We offer free support to all ACF users! Fix – Fixed various issues affecting dynamic metaboxes in the block editor (requires WordPress 5.3). Fix – Fixed unresponsive Select2 instances after duplicating a row or layout. Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them in our Cookie Policy. Fires after ACF is fully initialized. Tweak – Improved metabox styling for Gutenberg. Thank you! Fix – Fixed vulnerability allowing author role to save unfiltered HTML values.

Met onze veld bouwer kunt u snel en gemakkelijk velden toevoegen aan WP bewerkings schermen met slechts een klik op een paar knoppen! Fix – Fixed bug in Clone Field causing potential PHP error if cloning a Field Group that no longer exists. Fix – Fixed bug in block RegExp causing some blocks to miss the “acf/pre_save_block” filter. See examples below: Valid formula to use the value of field “foobar” defined inside the group “group2”: Fix – Fixed bug incorrectly validating the length of Text and Textarea field values that contained HTML entities.
Tweak – Removed language fallback from “zh_TW” to “zh_CN”. This is a godsend! i18n – Updated French Canadian translation thanks to Bérenger Zyla. Nevertheless, this is probably one of my favorite if not the most favorite ACF plugin !!! “Advanced Custom Fields” is open source software. Oplossing – JS-fout bij het selecteren van taxonomie termen binnen Gutenberg. Added visual representation of where Field Groups will appear. I need to have options for psychological testing for users.

Tweak – Changed Time Picker field settings to display in a localized format via. i18n – Franse taal bijgewerkt dankzij Bérenger Zyla. Fix – Fixed bug corrupting field settings since WP 5.1 when instructions contain. * group2.foobar + 10, Valid formula in a field inside a group (assuming the parent has a field named count): prefix for formulas in sub fields in a repeater field. Velden kunnen overal in WP worden toegevoegd, inclusief berichten, gebruikers, taxonomie termen, media, opmerkingen en zelfs in aangepaste optie pagina’s! Should work as expected now, but we’re considering support for ACF blocks “beta” for now, Fixes typo in javascript file that causes more ajax recalculations that needed, Fixes issue with some PHP versions and empty object keys (https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=46600), Fixes issue with ACF enumerating rows using alphanumeric keys in some cases (older versions), Adds in-edit recalculations. i18n – Updated Finnish translation thanks to Mikko Kekki. Fix – Ensured all archive URLs shown in the Page Link field dropdown are unique.

i18n – Updated German translations thanks to Ralf Koller. Fix – Fixed performance issue when checking network sites for upgrades. i18n – Updated Turkish translation thanks to Emre Erkan. Fix – Fixed Select2 clones appearing after duplicating a Relationship field. Calculated fields are updated while still in edit mode, Adds read only option. i18n – Updated Arabic translation thanks to Karim Ramadan. Fix – Fixed bug where breaking out of a sub.

The calculated values are calculated AFTER the post is saved, and displayed AFTER the post gets refreshed. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect order of imported/synced flexible content sub fields. Fix – Reverted “fix” in 5.8.9 regarding Taxonomy fields saving terms to non “post” objects. Ondersteuning wordt momenteel geboden via onze e-mailhelpdesk. De plugin Advanced Custom Fields is ook beschikbaar in een professionele versie met meer velden, meer functionaliteit en meer flexibiliteit! Fix – Fixed bug causing reversed field group metabox order. If you need to aggregate a more complex calculation, you should add an extra field in the repeater group and let the aggregate function work on this extra field. Calculations are made as the custom field is stored to the database.

Dev – Field Group export now shows “active” attribute as bool instead of int. Fix – Fixed guten-bug causing “Preview Post” button to publish changes. If a formula is added to a sub field inside a repeater field, the name refers to another sub field in the same repeater. Fix – Fixed various plugin update issues. * parent.count * 22. Fix – Fixed bug preventing the AMP plugin preview from working. Dev – Added ‘nav_menu_item_id’ and ‘nav_menu_item_depth’ to get_field_groups() query. Fix – Fixed bug causing HTML to jump between multiple instances of the same Reusable Block. i18n – Added Catalan translation thanks to Jordi Tarrida. Fix – Fixed bug preventing block registration when no icon is declared. Calculated fields will for ACF run on PHP 5.6 or newer, but we highly recommend following the official WordPress guidelines that currently recommends PHP 7.3. Added toolbar across all ACF admin pages. i18n – Updated Indonesian translations thanks to Rio Bahtiar. Fix – Fixed bug causing unload prompt to show incorrectly within Gutenberg. ... for my individual product compositions with ACF Pro.

Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect conditional logic settings on nested fields when duplicating a Field Group.
Nick. Fix – Fixed bug in Checkbox field missing “selected” class after “Toggle All”. Description. The calculated fields should be read only... right now, even though you can enter any value in a calculated field, your manually entered value will be overwritten when you save the post and the actual correct calculated value will overwrite whatever you had manually entered in that calculated field. Enhancement – Added ability to bypass confirmation tooltips (just hold shift).

Fix – Fixed bug allowing Range field values outside of the min and max settings. Calculated fields works with the assumption that all fields are defined as numeric in the ACF editor. New – Added “Preview Size” and “Return Format” settings to the Gallery field. Dev – Added new JS actions “duplicate_fields” and “duplicate_field” fired when duplicating a row. Dev – Added JS action ‘check_screen_complete’. “Advanced Custom Fields” is vertaald in 19 talen. “Calculated fields for ACF” is open source software. Fix – Fixed bug in ACF Blocks causing default “align” property to be ignored.

Inside the group, a field defined on the parent level can be addressed using the “parent” prefix. Dev – Reordered various actions and filters for more usefulness. Great addition for ACF - Thank you guys! But, if you need them, their support forum is amazing, even for non-pro users.

Fix – Fixed bug in Link field incorrectly treating the “Cancel” button as “Submit”.

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