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Today Tricks Magical will guide you how to do TOEIC READING PART 5 effectively and get the highest score . D) have known. Another common part of TOEIC Part 5 is the conditional sentence reversal, let’s review these structures: (If he got good marks on the test, his mother would buy a bicycle). Should he get high exam result, his mother will buy that bike for him. Traps: Normally, according to the verb conjugation rule, the verb following the He subject (singular 3rd person) will be in the form of splitting ‘s / es’. TOEIC® Reading part 5 : Incomplete sentences In this TOEIC practice test there are 16 questions. So the correct answer is C. The trap here is that many of you will choose the answer A: Effect because of the confusion with the word Affect. To avoid this trap, remember the following sentence pattern: S + think / predict / be sure / expect that + S + V (future simple)Master the signs of awareness and how to use future tenses. Tips PART 5 TOEIC Test Reading Efficient, 2. If-clause = Were S + to-V / Were + S …For example: Conditional sentence type 3: If-clause = Had + S + V3For example: If my parents had encouraged me, I would have passed exam = Had my parents encouraged me, I would have passed exam, (If my parents encouraged me, I passed the exam), Question 1: __ Mary study hard, she will pass the exam. When the sentence is complete it must be grammatically correct. B) advanced There will be four choices of words or phrases to choose from. Traps: In the above sentence, the first side of “experts predict that…” is the simple present tense, usually, the back of the sentence will also have to use the present simple (Answer A). You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

In this TOEIC practice test there are 16 questions. ETS®, TOEIC® and TOEFL® are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). Part 5 marks the beginning of the reading skills section.

B) known __________ it was a holiday, the doctor performed the emergency surgery on the heart patient. However, in fact many of the family words will have “adjectives” with other extensions such as: -ive, -able, -ible, -al, -ful, …. If you understand these directions now, you will not have to read them during the test. 2019 © Exam English Ltd. ALL Rights Reserved. D) before. D) by. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. In this lesson, you should pay attention to the word types of a word or to remember the characteristics of the word type: -Noun usually ends with: -ance, -ancy, -ence, – ation, -dom, – ism, -ment, -ness, -ship, -or, -er, -ion.-Adjective usually ends with: -able, -ible, -al, -ful, – ish, -ive-Adverb usually ends with: -ly, – ward, – wise-Verb usually ends with: -en, – ify, – ize. Trap: In the above sentence, should we divide verbs with ‘he’ or ‘his friends’? Candidates rely on their reading comprehension ability and foreign language knowledge to choose the best answer to help complete the sentence given. For this sentence – The other clause with “could + V1” implies that this is a type 2 conditional sentence. There are 1 – 2 sentences of this type. The correct answer is to divide the verb according to the nearest subject is answer A. The correct answer is D."By" means the same as "near" or "beside". For TOEIC PART 5, we recommend the following study methods.

(easily confusing learners about meaning), Type 2: Preposition – Prepositions (about 4 to 5 sentences).

For prepositions, you need to remember how to use common prepositions, prepositions that go well after basic verbs, etc. Your email address will not be published.

TOEIC PART 5 – Multiplle Choices are considered to be the most difficult and easy to lose points by testing a variety of grammar, sentence patterns and so on.

The main reason is the “illusion of power” of adding the words “ing” and “ed” to the verb.

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