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Yet as i know there are few monitor use this port compare to vga and hdmi, so you need to buy a adaptor with display altative mode. So i keep search on this topic and found even HP's Support Agent can't explain it clearly, which i think impossible. Is there a cable with a male connector that I can connect my laptop and USB C male connector I can connect to my docking station? DisplayPort delivers more high-performance features than any other digital interface. You can reach them via live chat at startech.com/chat or by phone at 1-800-265-1844. Douglas – great suggestion!

Hello! We have emailed you regarding your question. Or I could purchase a Thunderbolt to USB-C powered hub, but I would still not know if the notebook is definately Thunderbolt. followed by clicking on 'Accepted as Solution' for my efforts to help you identify the reason for your concern. For two monitors the Startech powered hub with Thunderbolt input seems a lower cost solution by some considerable margin, despite the cost of the Startech hub.

Hi Thomas! Hence my question. Our Technical Advisors are available 24hrs Mon – Friday via chat or phone (1 800 265 1844). 08:49 AM I asked MSI support and they told me that my computer didn’t have the USB C DisplayPort Alt Mode (and Thunderbolt 3 support) but only a USB C 3.1 Gen2. We have been using StarTech USB-C adapters to convert from both USB-C to HDMI as well as USB-C to DVI. I encourage you to contact our Tech Support Team directly at 1 800 265 1844 or via Live Chat. Unless you were already planning to, there is no need to upgrade the computer if all you want to do is add a second external extended monitor. We believe this means the Lenovo Y520 should work with the ThinkVision M14 monitor over USB-C. To connect to the monitor we’d recommend our USB315CC1M USB 3.0 USB-C to C cable which supports up to 4K @ 60Hz. I have a portable usb-c screen with DP alt mode compatibility, I connect it for now to mij mini gaming rig that only has USB-C 3.1, will there ever be an adapter that connects from my desktop DP and usb to an USB-C DP alt connection? Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an available solution however we will be releasing CDP2DP2MBD which should work. I already tried one adapter, but got a notification saying 'DisplayPort connection might not work. After looking into your Laptop model HP Omen X 17-ap0xx we have found that it should have two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C with DP ALT mode ports on the rear which means your laptop should be able to send a video signal through them. Indeed it is frustrating dealing with parts suppliers to confim the adaptors actually work! Second, it looks like the monitor you mentioned above may be powered by the USB-C port which means that you’d also require power delivery.

Refer to page number 12-13 for more information on Thunderbolt port to use an external display. USB Type-C power delivery (USB PD): USB Type-C power delivery is bi-directional, so a device can either send or receive power.

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